Bulldogs are our passion.

We breed beautiful, healthy bulldogs with amazing conformation and temperament. 

All of our dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club.  Not only do we breed standard color bulldogs, we also specialize in rare colors including black, chocolate, and blue.  All of our dogs are considered members of our family and live inside our home. We have an extremely large (nearly an acre – unheard of in Orange County), grassy backyard where our bulldogs get to run and play.


French Bulldogs – Standard & Exotic Colors

Sensational Bulldogs breeds and offers the finest French Bulldogs in the United States. 

The safest way to ensure a happy and long relationship with a purebred bulldog is to purchase the dog from a responsible breeder. All of our Bullies are treated like family members and live with us inside our home. Our bulldogs are carefully bred to ensure a superior bulldog and a quality pet. We pride ourselves in providing you with an excellent experience in acquiring your new puppy! Follow @sensationalbulldogs on Instagram for daily pics! 


All our French Bulldogs are registered with the American Kennel Club and come with registration papers.

Meet all of our French Bulldogs!

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