Our available puppies!

Waiting List – Frenchies

Don’t be daunted by the length of the waiting list! Yes, its long, but we have our studs working, and often times the fee is “pick-of-litter.” We also co-own a couple of females. Whenever any of these pups become available, people on the waiting list get contacted first. Also, some people pass on their pick, mainly because the time isn’t right for their family. This is why you see people near the end on the list getting a puppy so soon! Many people on this list will be getting their puppies within a month, so don’t think the list is too long!!

 # Name Date Preference
1 A.C., Yuba City 7/16/13 Blue Male, from Pebbles or Piper
2 J.P. & T, Seattle 9/9/13 First available, (non B&W pied)
3 K.L., Hollywood, CA 3/29/15 Male, any color but black
4 H.N., Wilmington, CA 6/17/15 Fawn or Cream, no preference
5 O. K. Seattle, WA / NY, NY 3/25/16 Male black and tan or fawn
6 K.R. Scottadale, AZ 3/25/16 Black brindle female
7 J & DM San Diego, CA 5/2/16 Pied female
8 DP, CA 6/29/16 Blue female
9  S.D. Fountain Valley, CA  10/12/16  Blue or brindle male
10 A.L. Los Angeles, CA 2/15/17 Cream or fawn any gender
11 D.N. Escondido, CA 2/19/17 Male open colors
12 C.D. 3/24/17 Red, fawn, blue fawn, male
13 M.L. & A.P. Burlingame, CA 3/24/17 Black brindle, male
14 T.L. Round Rock, TX 4/23/17 Blue or fawn any gender
15 C.N. Manhattan Beach, CA 4/30/17 Blue, blue fawn, chocolate, chocolate fawn, brindle female

Waiting list rules: 
A 100% refundable deposit in the amount of $500 gets you on the waiting list.  Space on the waiting list is determined by seniority.  If the puppy you desire is not born, or if for any reason you pass on an available puppy, you maintain your seniority date.  We ask that you make your puppy pick by four weeks of age. If, for ANY reason you want off the list, simply ask and we’ll send your deposit back immediately, no questions asked. Breeder reserves the right of First Pick for all breedings.

Please contact us if you are interested or call/text 1-877-BULLDOG.